Ethereum Takes the Lead in Weekly NFT Sales, Outshining Bitcoin as Digital Collectibles Market Sees a Dip

This week’s rundown on NFT sales reveals a bit of a downturn, with a 5.05% decrease compared to the previous week. Despite the overall decline, there’s a silver lining with an 82.40% surge in buyers and a notable 77.46% uptick in sellers. Ethereum emerges as the star player, boasting $106 million in NFT sales, outshining Bitcoin’s $70 million over the same seven-day stretch.

Crypto Moves and Shakes: Solana Surges, Polygon Plummets, Avalanche Climbs

Taking a closer look at the blockchain dynamics, Solana experiences an impressive 35.07% surge in sales, hitting the $59 million mark. On the flip side, Polygon sees a dip with sales totaling $25.33 million, marking a 43.02% decline from the previous week. Avalanche, however, revels in a 22.13% boost, accumulating $14.24 million in sales. Arbitrum also stands out with a significant 26.02% increase, notching $3.27 million in NFT sales over the same seven-day period.

Top Performers: Solana’s Cryptoundeads Leads the Pack

In the realm of NFT collections, Solana’s Cryptoundeads steals the spotlight, raking in an impressive $15.9 million in sales. Following closely is Bitcoin’s Uncategorized Ordinals, with a total of $13.32 million in NFT sales, though it does experience a 41.53% decrease. Notably, only two collections from the Bitcoin blockchain make it into the top ten, with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Cryptopunks securing spots as well.

High Rollers: Pricey NFT Sales Take the Stage

The top-priced NFT of the week is “Lif3 V3 Positions NFT #9,” fetching a hefty $698K. Trailing behind is Polygon’s “Lif3 V3 Positions NFT #15,” selling for $245K. Claiming the third spot is Solana’s “Boogle #047,” which pulled in $219K just three days ago. Additionally, noteworthy sales are observed on the BNB, Bitcoin, and Flow blockchain networks, with high-priced sales ranging from $40K to $73K.

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