Azuki NFT Project Hints at Collaboration Following Weeb3 Foundation Twitter Engagement

Over the weekend, Azuki, a sought-after NFT collection, caught everyone’s attention by not just following but enthusiastically sharing Weeb3 Foundation’s tweets on platform X. The ripple effect was immediate, with the NFT prices experiencing a swift 33.3% surge, fueled by the buzz around the anticipated Azuki token.

Azuki and Weeb3: Tweeting Their Way to a Partnership?

Azuki made waves by not just hitting the ‘follow’ button but also giving a shoutout to Weeb3 Foundation on Twitter. The move set tongues wagging, leading many to speculate on a potential collaboration between the two entities. The parallel between Weeb3 Foundation’s rebranding, centered around the ANIME token, and Azuki’s marketing strategies added fuel to the rumor mill. Market whispers even suggested that ANMIE might just be Azuki’s upcoming token.

Word on the digital street hinted at a possible joint venture between Azuki and SanFranTokyo, the latter having recently unveiled the ANIM3 Token. If true, this collaboration could mark the dawn of a new era for anime brands in the NFT space, an area that remains relatively untapped.

Legal Hurdles on the Horizon?

However, amid the excitement, concerns surfaced about potential legal ramifications with the SEC, given Azuki’s operations being based in the US.

Market Reactions: From Cheers to Skepticism

Azuki’s move generated a mixed bag of reactions. Supporters hailed the development, seeing it as Azuki finally embracing the hype. Yet, skeptics questioned the timing, suggesting that the NFT project should have asserted itself earlier, perhaps right after the launch of ApeCoin.

Current Snapshot of Azuki NFT Prices

As of the latest update, the NFT project’s floor price for the day sits at $17,967, boasting a 24-hour sales volume of 5,187 ETH. With a total of 10,000 NFTs minted and held by 4,318 unique owners, Azuki commands a total market cap exceeding $179 million.

Ranked at #7 in NFT Price Floor, Azuki maintains a floor cap of 80,000 ETH, a listed ratio of 5.05%, and a max supply capped at 10,000. The project continues to be a captivating player in the dynamic NFT landscape.