Zircuit: A New Security-Focused ZK-Rollup Launches Staking Program

Zircuit, a new ZK-rollup focused on security, has launched its staking program. The program allows users to stake ETH, LSTs (liquid staking tokens), and LRTs (liquid restaking tokens) to earn Zircuit points.

Staking Program Surpasses $129 Million TVL in Less Than 24 Hours

The staking program has been a huge success, amassing over $129 million in total value locked (TVL) in less than 24 hours. This shows that there is a lot of interest in Zircuit and its staking program.

Zircuit’s Growing Community

Zircuit has quickly gained a large and engaged community, with over 112,000 Twitter followers and 125,000 Discord members in just four months. This community has been a major factor in the success of the staking program.

Zircuit’s Staking Program Compared to Starkware

Zircuit’s staking program is comparable to Starkware’s, which has been around for much longer. However, Zircuit is on track to surpass Starkware in terms of both community engagement and TVL.

Zircuit’s Integration with Other Protocols

Zircuit’s staking program is currently integrated with several other protocols, including Lido Finance, Renzo Protocol, Swell Network, Kelp DAO, and Liquid Collective. More integrations are expected to be added in the coming weeks.

How to Participate in Zircuit’s Staking Program

To participate in Zircuit’s staking program, you can visit the Zircuit website. You can also learn more about Zircuit by following them on Twitter.

About Zircuit

Zircuit is a fully EVM-compatible, ZK (zero-knowledge) rollup powered by the latest research in layer two technology. It is backed by Pantera Capital and Dragonfly Capital.