Solsniffer: A New Token Sniffer on Solana Enhances Security Standards

February 24, 2024 – Montreal, Canada: Solsniffer, the first blockchain intelligence tool for the Solana blockchain, is now live.

With the rapid rise of Solana, traders have flocked to the platform, but with this growth came an increase in scams. Solsniffer aims to address this issue by providing traders with a tool to detect security risks on Solana tokens.

The app utilizes over 18 security indicators, including mint risk, freeze risk, liquidity check, and metadata immutability, to help traders make informed decisions. Future versions of the tool will include over 40 indicators and an API for ecosystem partners.

The Solsniffer team is committed to setting a new security standard on Solana. They plan to release weekly platform updates until the roadmap is complete, with announcements made in the Solsniffer Telegram community.

About Solsniffer:

Solsniffer is the first Solana token sniffer designed to detect vulnerabilities, security risks, and frauds. The team aims to revolutionize blockchain security by providing users with a one-click token scanning tool that helps them identify potential scams.


Jean-Gabriel Paquette, Solsniffer


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