Yuga Labs Snags NFT Project PROOF

Yuga Labs, the brains behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, has acquired NFT collective PROOF and its assets.

PROOF’s Assets

PROOF’s NFT collections include Moonbirds, Oddities, and Mythics. Moonbirds will be integrated into Yuga’s Otherside metaverse platform.

Yuga’s Vision

Yuga Labs aims to be the “front door of web3.” This acquisition aligns with their goal of fostering art, culture, and community on the blockchain.

Moonbirds’ Future

Kevin Rose, CEO of PROOF, believes Otherside is the “perfect home” for Moonbirds. Yuga’s resources will accelerate innovation and reach a wider audience.

PROOF Collective’s Impact

PROOF Collective’s addition to Yuga demonstrates their commitment to digital fine art. Their combined resources will drive innovation and engagement.