Chase Bank Loses Customer’s Valuables, Then Denies Responsibility

A Florida teacher, Jenny Morsch, is accusing JPMorgan Chase of losing $100,000 worth of her valuables from a safety deposit box and then denying responsibility.

Missing Valuables

When Morsch went to open her deposit box in Orlando, the key didn’t fit. After the bank drilled it open, she discovered that cash, gold coins, jewelry, and other priceless possessions were gone.

Chase’s Response

Morsch claims that Chase refused to acknowledge the incident and dismissed her case when she sued.

Valuables Found at Auction

Three years later, Morsch saw her valuables advertised in a state auction for unclaimed property. She contacted the authorities and proved that the items were hers.

Chase’s Mistake

Chase had mistakenly marked Morsch’s box as abandoned and failed to disclose this information during the lawsuit. Morsch’s lawyer, Andres Beregovich, accused Chase of “concealing the truth” to avoid liability.


Morsch was able to recover her belongings, but she is still seeking accountability from Chase. The bank has not yet commented on the allegations.