XRP Ledger’s New AMM Faces Hiccups

Unexpected Bug Discovered

On March 24th, the RippleX team discovered a technical glitch in their newly launched Automated Market Maker (AMM). This came as a surprise to the XRPL community, who had been eagerly awaiting the protocol’s rollout.

The glitch affected how the AMM pools and order books routed liquidity, causing discrepancies. The development team assured users that they were working to resolve the issue and advised caution with depositing new funds.

Optimism Remains

Despite the setback, the XRPL community remains optimistic. They trust the development team’s ability to address the issue swiftly. The RippleX team is reviewing proposed fixes that will undergo an amendment voting process before implementation.

Call for Canary Network

In response to the technical challenges, XRP Ledger developer WietseWind proposed a long-term solution: a Canary Network.

Benefits of a Canary Network

  • Enhanced Testing: The Canary Network would provide a separate environment for testing with real value, without affecting the mainnet.
  • Inclusive Collaboration: It would be open to developers, projects, and the XRPL community, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • Improved Stability: By testing new features and fixes on the Canary Network, the mainnet would be more stable and less prone to bugs.