Upcoming Crypto Events and Coins to Watch

Bitcoin: Spot ETF Outflows and Inflation Data

  • Bitcoin is facing a streak of negative flows in spot ETFs, raising concerns.
  • The market anticipates a turnaround, as ETFs have historically contributed to BTC’s growth.
  • The upcoming PCE Index release on Friday could impact market sentiment and monetary policy decisions.

Dogecoin: Futures Trading and ‘Doge Day’

  • Coinbase will launch DOGE futures trading on April 1, allowing investors to speculate on its future price.
  • This move could attract new investors and increase volatility.

Aptos: Major Announcements Expected

  • Aptos is rumored to be announcing partnerships with major asset managers.
  • The ‘Aptos DeFi DAYS’ event in April may reveal these announcements, potentially boosting the network’s valuation.

Fantom: Sonic Mainnet Launch

  • Fantom is set to launch its Sonic mainnet, a major upgrade that promises enhanced performance and scalability.
  • The upgrade includes the Fantom Virtual Machine, Carmen Database, and optimized Lachesis Consensus mechanism.
  • The Sonic Mainnet could significantly increase Fantom’s transaction capacity.

Ondo Finance: Riding the RWA Wave

  • Ondo Finance has seen a significant price increase due to its association with BlackRock’s tokenized asset funding.
  • RWA is becoming a growing trend in crypto, with Ondo Finance at the forefront.