Taki Games and Smart Layer Team Up for Web3 Gaming Revolution on Polygon

Big news for mobile gaming fans! Taki Games, known for their hit casual games, is teaming up with the Web3 tokenization wizards at Smart Layer. They’re bringing something really cool to the table: Executable NFT (xNFT) technology. This tech is going to be part of Taki Games’ mobile games network, starting with a fun mini-game called Pac Cat.

Pac Cat is based on the popular Smart Cats xNFT collection on Polygon. Gamers can get their hands on it through Taki Games’ app, Bored Button, this coming January. If you haven’t heard of Bored Button, it’s a big deal in the mobile gaming world, with over 5 million downloads and a bunch of different games to play.

Taki Games’ CEO, Weiwei Geng, is super pumped about working with Smart Layer. He says that xNFTs are a game-changer for blockchain gaming, and this partnership will create amazing new experiences for gamers on Polygon.

A Fresh Chapter in Web3 Gaming Accessibility

This collaboration is not just about new games. It’s set to change the game for Web3 accessibility, using the Polygon network and Rally Protocol’s wallet SDK. What does this mean for gamers? Well, it’s about making blockchain tech blend smoothly with gaming, and giving players a more immersive and rewarding experience.

Let’s talk about the Smart Cats xNFT collection, the backbone of Pac Cat. These aren’t just any NFTs; they’re like modern-day Tamagotchis. Players can actually interact with these digital cats, making them pretty unique.

There’s more. Taki Games is introducing a loyalty system that rewards players for helping the network grow. Players can earn TAKI tokens, turning their gaming time into something valuable. It’s a whole new world of player-earned mobile gaming.

But wait, there’s a twist. To avoid the pitfalls of hyperinflation common in Play-to-Earn games, Taki Games is rolling out a special token economy called Takinomics. This approach involves buying back and burning tokens, keeping things balanced and ensuring the TAKI token stays valuable.

The Dawn of xNFTs in Mobile Gaming

Taki Games is really leading the charge in mobile casual gaming, with millions of downloads already. They’re all about rewarding loyal players. On the other side, you’ve got Smart Layer, known for their innovative work with Executable Tokens and NFTs. Their Smart Cats xNFT collection is a massive hit, boasting hundreds of thousands of players and millions of transactions in just over a month.

Matthew Sweezey, the Chief Strategy Officer at Smart Token Labs, is stoked about the partnership. He believes that Pac Cat is just the start, and that xNFTs are going to bring a whole new level of engagement and value to mobile gaming.

This partnership between Taki Games and Smart Layer is more than just a collaboration; it’s a milestone in the evolution of mobile gaming within the Web3 world. It’s not just about new games – it’s about pioneering how players interact with digital assets, setting the stage for a thrilling future in mobile gaming with xNFTs.