More Than 30% of Blockchain Games Left in the Dust, Recent Data Reveals

So, here’s the scoop: out of the whopping 1,300 blockchain games that made their grand entrance onto the scene since 2021, it turns out that a substantial 400 of them have been left hanging, abandoned and forgotten.

No joke, guys. The good folks over at did some digging and found that out of the 1,318 blockchain-based games that hit the market since 2021, a whopping 30% (that’s 407 games, to be precise) have been slapped with the label “discontinued” or “abandoned.” Crazy, right? And this isn’t some outdated info; we’re talking about the latest update in January.

Now, here’s the lowdown on why these games got the boot. Apparently, most of them bit the dust due to struggles with funding and the ever-changing market vibes. But get this – a bunch of these abandoned projects were the brainchild of small teams with not much experience and not enough cash to keep the dream alive.

What’s even wilder is that a good chunk of these developers didn’t even bother with an official farewell. Nope, they just quietly shut down shop without a heads-up to the gaming community. Sneaky, huh?

2023: The Year of Abandoned Blockchain Games Unveiled

Let’s zoom into the nitty-gritty of the 162 games that waved goodbye in the latter half of 2023. About 17% of them belonged to the multichain category. But here’s the kicker – single-chain games weren’t safe either. According to the report, Binance’s BNB Chain took the crown as the most deserted network, with a whopping 11% of developers ghosting their gaming projects. Polygon followed closely at 10%, while Ethereum, Sui, and Solana each had a 6% dropout rate.

But hey, there’s more drama. Remember the game “Goals”? Yeah, the one that supposedly raked in millions in 2022 and 2023. Well, despite swimming in a sea of cash, Goals decided to break up with blockchain integration. Talk about a plot twist in its development journey, as spilled by the report.