Solana-Powered Altcoin Soars 85% in 24 Hours After Getting Nod from Coinbase

Hey, crypto enthusiasts! Big news in the world of digital assets – a Solana-based altcoin is making waves thanks to Coinbase giving it a nod and adding it to their listing roadmap. The lucky altcoin in question is none other than Hivemapper (HONEY), a decentralized global mapping network that’s got everyone talking.

Coinbase Throws HONEY on the Map

In a recent announcement, Coinbase spilled the beans on their plans to include Hivemapper on their listing roadmap, hinting at potential support in the near future. This move didn’t just make waves; it sent HONEY on a rocket ride, shooting up by a whopping 85% in just 24 hours. Talk about a crypto rollercoaster!

From $0.129 to $0.232 – HONEY’s Wild Ride

The surge was no joke – HONEY’s value jumped from $0.129 to $0.232 in the blink of an eye. Coinbase had introduced this listing roadmap back in 2022 as a way to keep things transparent and prevent investors from jumping the gun on new trading support announcements. Looks like it’s working, given the wild ride HONEY just took.

Hivemapper – Mapping the Future

So, what’s the buzz with Hivemapper? Well, it’s not your ordinary mapping tool – it’s on a mission to revolutionize geo-mapping. How? By getting contributors to collect mapping data using dashcams. Imagine rideshare drivers, delivery pros, mapping enthusiasts, and truck drivers all contributing to a decentralized map while earning rewards for their efforts. That’s the Hivemapper way!

HONEY’s Rollercoaster – Up and Down

As with any thrill ride, what goes up must come down. After the adrenaline-fueled surge, HONEY retraced a bit and is now cruising at $0.229 at the time of writing. Still not too shabby for a 24-hour rollercoaster in the crypto world, right?

So, keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this Solana-powered altcoin. With Coinbase shining the spotlight on Hivemapper, who knows what twists and turns lie ahead in the crypto market!