Shiba Inu Updates: The Latest Scoop

Binance Pay Partnership

Shiba Inu has partnered with Binance Pay, Binance’s payment service. This has led to a 30% increase in SHIB transactions on Binance Pay year-over-year. SHIB is also among the top 6 most popular currencies for Binance Pay transactions.

Marswap Aggregator

Marswap, Shibarium’s aggregator, has launched and promises to reduce trading costs on the network by 15%. This could boost trading activity on Shibarium, which has recently seen a decline in daily transactions.

Name Service Success

Shiba Inu’s name service has been a hit, with thousands of registrations from the community. Premium names have been in high demand, despite their higher cost. Public access to Shib Names will open on March 26, followed by the launch of the D3 Marketplace for trading names.

SHEB Token Success

SHEB, the token for the ‘SHEboshis’ NFT collection, has been listed on CoinW and is gaining popularity. It has consistently ranked among the trending crypto tokens since its listing.