Ripple’s Surprising Threat to the XRP Ledger

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) and Ripple are facing a crossroads, with concerns emerging that Ripple itself may be the biggest threat to the XRPL’s independence.

Onledger’s Accusations

Onledger, a prominent XRPL community member, has claimed that Ripple is the “greatest threat” to the XRPL. They allege that Ripple is planning to use an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain to conceal its XRP sales.

Onledger argues that Ripple is rushing to implement this sidechain because it poses a threat to their current operations. They believe that Ripple is trying to “wrap its XRP and sell it off anonymously.”

Ripple’s Response

Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), David Schwartz, has denied these claims. He argues that Ripple would not need to take such drastic measures if it truly intended to hide its XRP sales.

Schwartz also points out that cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide anonymity for Ripple. He states that exchanges know who Ripple is, even if they do not know the identity of individual XRP holders.

Onledger’s Counterargument

Onledger disputes Schwartz’s statement, arguing that cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide anonymity for Ripple. They also highlight a previous statement by Schwartz regarding Ripple’s ODL-related sales with a United States Nexus.

Onledger believes that Ripple is using the EVM to make their operations anonymous, despite Schwartz’s denials.