Shiba Inu ERC-404 NFTs: What You Need to Know

Phase One: Exclusive Claim for Original Shiboshi Holders

  • Shiboshi NFTs, valued at around 0.14 ETH, are now available for claiming.
  • Only original Shiboshi holders can claim an NFT within 48 hours.
  • Claims are free, but gas fees apply.

Phase Two: Minting for Doge Killer (LEASH) Token Holders

  • LEASH token holders can mint Sheboshi NFTs at a fixed price of 0.05 ETH for 24 hours.
  • This phase gives LEASH holders early access to NFTs before the public sale.

Phase Three: Public Sale

  • Anyone can participate in the public sale of Sheboshi NFTs at a price of 0.05 ETH.
  • This phase continues until all NFTs are sold out.

DN404 Trading on Shibaswap and Uniswap

  • After the final minting, a new DN404 token will be enabled for trading on Shibaswap and Uniswap.
  • DN404 combines features of ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

Leash Price Surge and Correction

  • The launch of Sheboshi NFTs caused a bullish breakout in the price of Leash.
  • Leash reached a high of $294.45 but has since corrected and given up most of its gains.
  • At the time of writing, Leash is trading at $294.45.