Layer-0 Altcoin Primed for Breakout After Long Build-Up

Crypto analyst Inmortal believes the small-cap altcoin Constellation (DAG) is poised for a surge.

Accumulation and Breakout

DAG has been accumulating for over 400 days, with a breakout and retest now complete. Inmortal predicts it will reach around $0.12 by June.

Scalable Distributed Network

Constellation’s layer-0 protocol allows developers to build blockchains, mint crypto assets, and create decentralized applications. It serves as the foundation for all protocols built on it, similar to WordPress for websites.

Bullish on Radix

Inmortal is also optimistic about Radix (XRD), another DeFi altcoin. He suggests it may reverse its downward trend if it can establish support around $0.045.

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