Bitcoin Could Soar by 237% This Year, Predicts Venture Capitalist

Skyrocketing Potential

Dan Tapiero, CEO of investment firm 10T Holdings, believes Bitcoin (BTC) could surge to $150,000-$200,000 this year. This would represent a 153%-237% increase from its current price.

Tapiero suggests that once Bitcoin breaks above $70,000, it will quickly climb to $90,000. He notes that despite Bitcoin’s recent 100% rally, it does not appear overheated.

Coinbase Stock Surge

Tapiero also predicts that Coinbase (COIN) stock could reach $400, citing the company’s diversification efforts. COIN is currently trading at $200.96.

Bull Market in Early Stages

Tapiero believes the Bitcoin bull market is still in its early stages. He sees the current bullish sentiment as a sign of a potential short-term correction rather than a major concern.

“We’re just getting started here,” Tapiero said.