Joe Biden and the Laser Eyes Meme: A Misunderstood Crypto Connection

US President Joe Biden recently sparked a buzz in the crypto community when he posted a picture of himself with laser eyes, a symbol often associated with bullish sentiment towards Bitcoin. This unexpected post led to speculation about a potential shift in Biden’s stance on digital assets.

Biden’s Laser Eyes Meme

On February 12, 2024, Biden posted a picture of himself with laser eyes and the caption, “Just as we drew it up.” The laser eyes symbol is commonly used by Bitcoin enthusiasts to express their optimism about the digital asset.

Speculation and Reactions

The post ignited speculation that Biden might be considering a more favorable approach towards cryptocurrencies. However, it was later revealed that the post was actually meant to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in the 2024 Super Bowl.

The Real Reason Behind the Meme

Biden’s laser eyes meme was a playful reference to a previous conversation he had on TikTok, where he joked about potentially rigging the season in favor of the Chiefs. After their victory, Biden posted the meme as a nod to the earlier banter.

Biden’s Stance on Cryptocurrencies

Despite the speculation, Biden has not publicly expressed any significant change in his stance on cryptocurrencies. He has previously signed an executive order regarding government oversight of digital assets, but his administration has not taken any concrete steps towards endorsing or regulating cryptocurrencies.


The laser eyes meme was a lighthearted moment that sparked a brief flurry of speculation in the crypto community. However, it is important to note that Biden’s stance on cryptocurrencies remains largely unchanged, and the meme was not an indication of a policy shift.