Heroes of Mavia Token Surges After Airdrop and Exchange Listings


MAVIA, the native token of the Heroes of Mavia web3 game, has seen a significant surge in value following the launch of an airdrop campaign and several major listings on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Airdrop Program

Heroes of Mavia’s Pioneer Airdrop Program is designed to grow the game’s player base and ecosystem. The program consists of multiple seasons, each with different quests and tasks that reward participants with MAVIA tokens, Ruby, Legendary Items, Sapphire, and more.

Token Distribution

About 3.5% of the token’s total supply will be used for airdrops during the token generation event (TGE). The initial circulating supply at TGE will be 12% (30 million MAVIA). The total Airdrop allocation will make up roughly 30% of the initial circulating supply (3.5% total, 2% for Land stakers/holders, and 1% for CEX exchange airdrop activities).


Even if players did not stake land in the game previously, they will still be eligible for an airdrop. The Season 1 Pioneer Program portal will be live in the next week, allowing players to view their pending MAVIA airdrop rewards.

Current Price

MAVIA is currently trading at $5.58, a 43.4% increase during the last 24 hours.


The combination of the airdrop campaign and major exchange listings has contributed to the recent surge in MAVIA’s value. The token’s performance highlights the growing interest in web3 gaming and the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry.