Bitcoin’s Bullish Run Surprises Crypto Analyst, Predicts Potential $250,000 Value

Positive Shock from Bitcoin’s Strength

  • Crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe expressed his surprise at Bitcoin’s recent surge.
  • He noted the strength of BTC markets and the potential for liquidity above previous highs.
  • Dips of 20% in Bitcoin are seen as buying opportunities.

Bitcoin ETFs as a Catalyst for Growth

  • Van de Poppe highlights the significant inflows into Bitcoin ETFs in the first few weeks.
  • These inflows are seen as a catalyst for Bitcoin’s potential rise to over $250,000.

Potential Price Targets Before Halving

  • Van de Poppe suggests Bitcoin could reach $55,000 before the halving in April.
  • The halving is a pre-programmed event that reduces the issuance of new BTC to miners.

Altcoins Expected to Follow Bitcoin’s Lead

  • Van de Poppe expects altcoins to follow Bitcoin’s trend.
  • He predicts a potential peak between $10-15 trillion for the altcoin market cap.


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