Gear Up: Brace for a Pivotal Week with This Weekly Rundown of Crypto and Economic Buzz

The upcoming days are packed with anticipation, especially considering the experts foresee the approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs any moment now, with January 10 marking the ultimate decision day by the SEC.

Despite Bitcoin gaining a noteworthy 3.78% in the past week, the majority of altcoins find themselves steeped in the red, sporting double-digit losses on their weekly charts.

The week ahead holds the keys to the fate of both BTC and altcoins. Dive into our carefully crafted calendar at, covering the economic and cryptocurrency landscapes you need to keep an eye on in the approaching week.

(All times are in UTC+3 Turkey time)

Monday, January 8

  • 4:00 PM – Deadline for Bitcoin ETF Applicants to Submit Amended S-1s
  • 20:00 – FOMC Member Bostic Takes the Mic

Wednesday, January 10

  • ARK 21Shares Spot Bitcoin ETF’s Final Decision Day – Insiders predict a 95% chance of approval for all Spot ETFs.
  • Polygon (MATIC) Partnership News Drops
  • 23:15 – FOMC Member Williams Adds Perspective

Thursday, January 11

  • 16:30 – US Core Consumer Price Index (CPI) Monthly (Expected: 0.2%, Previous: 0.3%)
  • 16:30 – US Consumer Price Index (CPI) Monthly (Expected: 0.2%, Previous: 0.1%)
  • 16:30 – US Consumer Price Index (CPI) Annual (Expected: 3.2%, Previous: 3.1%)
  • 16:30 – US Initial Unemployment Claims (Expect: 211k, Previous: 202k)
  • 22:00 – 05:00 SEC Sunshine Act Meeting

Friday, January 12

  • 16:30 – US Producer Price Index (PPI) Monthly (Expected: 0.1%, Previous: 0.0%)
  • 18:00 – FOMC Member Kashkari Takes the Stage

Sunday, January 14

  • Bitwise Spot Bitcoin ETF Seals Its Fate on the Third and Final Decision Date

Monday, January 15

  • (FET) – Mainnet Update Unveiled
  • iShares (Blackrock) Spot Bitcoin ETF Faces Its Third Deadline
  • VanEck Spot Bitcoin ETF Decides Its Future on the Third Decision Date

Remember, this is not financial advice.