Crypto’s Big Splash: “Killer Whales” Dives into the Tank

Remember Katy Perry’s “crypto claws” marking the peak of the 2017 bull run? Fast forward three years, and Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon are bonding over Bored Apes as bitcoin retraces from its record highs. Now, at a different point in the crypto hype cycle, a new reality show is set to make waves.

A Crypto Show with Bite

“Killer Whales,” debuting online next week, is Web3’s take on the popular formats of Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. Instead of traditional “sharks,” crypto entrepreneurs pitch their projects to a rotating panel of hosts known as the “whales.” These whales, including Anthony Scaramucci and others, bring diverse perspectives from different corners of the industry.

Creator Paul Caslin emphasizes the importance of a captivating cast, aiming to evoke emotions from the audience. The show doesn’t involve actual dealmaking like Shark Tank, but rather, startups vie for counsel and positive exposure. Importantly, no direct investment discussions or token shilling are allowed on-screen, ensuring a focus on business models, roadmaps, and team structures.

Diving into the Deep End

Filmed on the same set as Bruce Wayne’s temporary bat cave, Killer Whales is both entertaining and, at times, brutal. The stakes are personal for startup founders, and the show offers a template for due diligence for mainstream audiences unfamiliar with crypto intricacies.

Caslin reveals the rigorous selection process for projects, involving interviews, background checks, and collaboration with auditing firms. The goal is to showcase overlooked projects, giving them a chance in the spotlight without any fees involved.

Making Waves in Entertainment

While the hosts can’t invest in the pitched projects, and thus, the stakes might seem lower, the show adds a unique flavor to the crypto content landscape. The absence of direct financial incentives for the hosts and the emphasis on exposure and mentorship make Killer Whales a refreshing addition to crypto-centric streaming platforms.

For Caslin, producing the show is a meta move, as Killer Whales becomes the flagship exclusive television show in Hello Labs’ broader entertainment ecosystem, which includes games, live events, and NFTs. As crypto takes center stage, Killer Whales aims to uncover the unicorns in the vast sea of startup horses.