Game On: Exciting New Gaming Token Airdrops on the Horizon

It’s a thrilling time in the world of cryptocurrency airdrops, especially with the gaming industry getting into the mix. The current trend sees various apps, protocols, and projects jumping on board to launch their tokens, potentially rewarding millions of crypto enthusiasts, especially with the looming bear market.

So, what’s an airdrop all about? In the crypto realm, it’s a strategy where projects distribute new tokens to their early supporters and contributors, helping to promote decentralized governance and spread the tokens widely.

The gaming sector, particularly blockchain-based games, is looking forward to some really interesting airdrops in the coming months. Let’s dive into some of the major ones that are catching the eye of gamers and crypto fans alike.

Portal: A Much-Anticipated Airdrop

Portal’s airdrop is stirring up a lot of excitement, though it hasn’t been without its controversies. This multi-chain gaming token aims to connect Web3 games across different blockchains. They’ve been encouraging crypto users to engage with their Twitter content, which has seen a massive response.

Despite some pushback on their promotional tactics, Portal has a lot to be excited about. The team includes veterans from Overlord and Creepz NFT at SuperDuper, a co-founder from Rockstar Games, and partnerships with significant players like WME and Magic Eden. Portal’s airdrop is scheduled for January 2024, following a presale period and the launch of their Crystal Dash airdrop farming experience.

Xai: A Layer-3 Gaming Network’s Debut

Next up is Xai, a “layer-3” gaming network built on Arbitrum, a layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution. The first wave of its airdrop is expected soon, having been delayed from late December to early January.

Xai, developed in partnership with Arbitrum’s Offchain Labs, will distribute its first XAI tokens to specific NFT project owners and Sentry node operators with a Sentry Key. More details about the eligibility for the XAI airdrop can be found on their website.

Saga Protocol: Play-to-Airdrop Campaign

Saga Protocol is tailoring its blockchain network for gaming applications. They’ve initiated a unique “play-to-airdrop” campaign, where participating in testnet games can lead to earning a share of SAGA tokens. In December, this campaign kicked off with rewards for top players in various games.

Rebecca Liao, Saga’s CEO, hinted in a conversation with Decrypt’s GG that players might receive “double airdrops” as some games might launch their own tokens for early users. The Saga mainnet is expected to launch in spring 2024, with more gaming competitions and possible expansions to other chains on the cards.