Ethereum Whale Stirs After Years, Moves Fortune to Coinbase

A long-lost Ethereum (ETH) wallet has come back to life, sending over $773,000 worth of ETH to Coinbase, the largest US crypto exchange.

Pre-Mine Surprise

The wallet, created before Ethereum’s public launch, had been dormant for over 8.5 years. When it awoke, it sent a single ETH to Coinbase, followed by a whopping 237.748 ETH.

Whale’s Windfall

The whale received its ETH at the initial coin offering (ICO) price of $0.31. With ETH now trading at $3,249, their investment has grown by an incredible 1,047,960%.

Other Whale Movements

Whale Alert has also reported other significant ETH transactions:

  • 8,426 ETH ($27.2 million) from Binance to an unknown wallet
  • 14,933 ETH ($48.2 million) from Binance to an unknown wallet
  • 23,361 ETH ($75.1 million) from an unknown wallet to Binance

Market Reaction

ETH has risen by over 2% in the past 24 hours, possibly influenced by the whale’s activity.