Ethereum ETF Approval Odds Dwindle

Approval Odds Plummet to 35%

Market analysts and experts have lowered their expectations for the approval of Ethereum Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Bloomberg Intelligence ETF expert Eric Balchunas recently reported that the odds have dropped significantly to 35%.

Reasons for the Decline

Balchunas cites several reasons for the pessimism, including the lack of “bullish indicators” that were present when Bitcoin Spot ETFs were approved.

May Deadline Approaching

The anticipated May deadline for approval is fast approaching, and there has been no significant progress. SEC officials have remained largely silent on the applications.

Ethereum ETF Cycle Differs from Bitcoin

Unlike Bitcoin ETF approvals, the Ethereum ETF cycle appears to be moving in reverse. As time passes, optimism is waning.

Polymarket Data Confirms Decline

Data from Polymarket, the world’s largest prediction market, shows that Ethereum ETF odds are currently at 36%.

Hope Remains

Despite the low odds, analysts urge the community not to lose hope completely. A 35% chance is not zero, suggesting that approval is still possible in the long term.