Elderly Couple’s Bank Nightmare: Thousands Stolen, Help Ignored

Check Washing Scam Targets Elderly Couple

Diana and her husband, married for 70 years, were shocked to find thousands of dollars stolen from their U.S. Bank account. The money was intended for their future funeral expenses.

The couple became victims of a “check washing” scam, where criminals alter the amount and recipient on checks.

Frustrating Ordeal with U.S. Bank

For five months, the Zaragosas endured a frustrating ordeal with U.S. Bank. They filled out forms and provided information, but their pleas for help went unanswered.

In a letter to the bank, they expressed their exhaustion and asked for assistance.

Bank Finally Responds After Media Attention

It wasn’t until CBS Chicago reported on the couple’s story that U.S. Bank took action. Within 24 hours, the Zaragosas received all their stolen money back.

Security Concerns Raised

Diana expressed concerns about U.S. Bank’s security protocols, questioning why they didn’t ask the scammer the same questions they were now asking the Zaragosas.

Lessons Learned

The Zaragosas have given up on physical checks and will now pay bills online. They advise others to be vigilant and protect themselves from scams.