AI Crypto Assets Soar as OpenAI Unveils Text-to-Video Model

Two cryptocurrencies linked to artificial intelligence (AI) are seeing a surge in value following the launch of a new text-to-video model by OpenAI.

OpenAI’s Sora Model

OpenAI, an AI research company, has introduced Sora, a model that generates high-quality videos based on text descriptions. Sora can create videos with complex camera movements, detailed scenes, and characters with vivid emotions.

Crypto Assets Rally

The news of Sora’s launch has boosted the prices of Livepeer (LPT) and SingularityNET (AGIX). LPT, a decentralized video streaming network, jumped by over 80%, while AGIX, a marketplace for AI services, gained over 30%.

Livepeer’s AI Video Initiative

Livepeer plans to integrate text-to-video technology into its network in the coming months. This move aims to make generative video technology more accessible and affordable for developers and creators.


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