Welcomes XAI Token Amidst 35% Weekly Surge

In an exciting turn of events, has just added the native token of the Xai Network, XAI, to its platform. This move is anticipated to inject more life, trading activity, and recognition into the XAI token.

Recent Boost in XAI Token’s Value

The timing couldn’t be better, given the recent success of the XAI token. Just last week, it experienced an impressive 35% surge, reaching an all-time high of $0.12 on January 15th.

Meet XAI Network: Crafting Gaming-Focused Blockchain

Xai Network is carving a niche for itself by developing a dedicated layer 3 blockchain designed for gaming. By leveraging Arbitrum technology, it aspires to create a fast, cost-effective blockchain tailored to the unique demands of video games, fostering seamless in-game asset trading.

The platform boasts impressive capabilities, handling up to 10,000 transactions per second with near-instant finality. The objective is clear: onboard millions of traditional gamers to the world of web3, granting them true ownership and tradeability of in-game items.

XAI Token’s Multi-Faceted Role

XAI serves as the fuel for the Xai blockchain, facilitating all transactions and operations. Beyond that, token holders can stake their XAI tokens to generate esXAI, unlocking additional benefits such as yield, governance rights, and community perks.

Excitingly, the mainnet launch is on the horizon for Q2 2024, with major gaming companies like Ubisoft, Steam, and Epic Games already on board.

Partnerships and Listings Reflecting Momentum

The recent surge in price and exchange listings underscores the growing anticipation for Xai’s mainnet launch. Joining the ranks of Binance, KuCoin, and CoinEx, is the latest heavyweight exchange to support XAI.

This follows a series of strategic moves, including Binance’s integration of Xai into its Launchpool and KuCoin’s exclusive pre-listing access.

Synergy Between Xai and

The Xai project aligns seamlessly with’s mission to expedite the global transition to cryptocurrency. With over 250 supported cryptocurrencies and a user base exceeding 80 million worldwide, offers XAI broad exposure and utility.

XAI will now be integrated into’s extensive ecosystem, encompassing trading, lending, staking rewards, prepaid cards, and DeFi apps.

Riding the Web3 Gaming Wave

As interest in web3 gaming continues to soar, Xai is strategically positioned to capitalize on this explosive growth. Web3 games generated a staggering $1.2 billion in revenues in 2023, more than doubling the previous year.

Future Outlook for XAI Token

With the complexity of blockchain abstracted away, Xai anticipates a smooth onboarding process for hundreds of millions of gamers into web3 experiences. The recent listing on is poised to further boost the liquidity, trading volumes, and visibility of the promising XAI token.

As more users gain access to XAI through, the future holds the promise of even greater success for this innovative gaming-focused blockchain.