Crypto Analyst Predicts Massive Gains for Solana-Based Dogecoin Competitor

A prominent crypto trader, The Flow Horse, is optimistic about a specific Solana-based memecoin, dogwifhat (WIF). He believes it could surge over 116% from its current value.

Key Points

  • The Flow Horse targets a price of $0.80 for WIF.
  • He recommends buying WIF on intraday dips.
  • Bitcoin’s price movements will influence altcoin trends.

Bitcoin’s Influence

The Flow Horse emphasizes the impact of Bitcoin’s movements on altcoins. He suggests that if Bitcoin rallies, traders may shift their funds from alts to Bitcoin. Conversely, a significant Bitcoin correction could also affect altcoins negatively.

Current Market Conditions

At the time of writing, WIF is trading at $0.373, down 10% in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin is valued at $51,996, showing a slight decrease.


The opinions expressed in this article are not investment advice. Investors should conduct their own research before making any investments.