AI-Focused Crypto Poised for Further Surge

A prominent crypto analyst, Altcoin Sherpa, believes that (FET), an AI-focused project, could continue its upward trend for several months.

FET’s Potential

According to Sherpa, FET is approaching a resistance level but has the potential to “go much higher” in the coming months. He suggests that $0.76 could be a key resistance level, with FET currently trading at $0.70.

Bitcoin’s Outlook

Sherpa predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will soon reach $58,000, a level it has struggled to maintain in the past. He anticipates a pullback around that level but believes that BTC will eventually surpass its all-time high.

Chainlink’s Long-Term Prospects

Sherpa sees long-term potential in Chainlink (LINK), a decentralized oracle network. While he doesn’t recommend it for short-term trades due to low volatility, he believes LINK will continue to rise over time.