Crypto Analyst Predicts Bitcoin to $100,000, but Says Cardano Is Doomed

Tom Dunleavy, a crypto analyst and Chief Investment Officer at MV Capital, shared his thoughts on Bitcoin and Cardano’s future.

Bitcoin’s Rise to $100,000

Dunleavy believes Bitcoin will reach $100,000 soon, citing the upcoming Bitcoin Halving as a catalyst. He explained that Bitcoin’s price tends to increase significantly after each Halving event.

Other factors contributing to Dunleavy’s bullish prediction include the launch of Spot Bitcoin ETFs and macroeconomic factors like expected interest rate cuts.

Cardano’s Downfall

Dunleavy predicts that Cardano will lose its relevance and be replaced by a new blockchain. He attributes this to Cardano’s lack of a stablecoin, limited DeFi activity, and the founder’s alleged unwillingness to adapt to the ecosystem.

Dunleavy also criticizes Cardano’s lack of Venture Capital support, which he believes hinders the network’s growth and user adoption.

In conclusion, Dunleavy is optimistic about Bitcoin’s future, predicting a rise to $100,000. However, he is pessimistic about Cardano’s long-term prospects, suggesting that it may fade into obscurity.