Cardano Shoots for Gaming Domination with Chronoshot

Cardano, the popular blockchain platform, is making a big push into the gaming world with the release of Chronoshot, a sci-fi shooter game.

Chronoshot: Time is of the Essence

Chronoshot is a unique game where time only moves when the player does. This means you have to carefully plan your shots and movements, making for a more strategic and tactical experience. The game is currently in early access and available on the Epic Games Store, one of the biggest gaming platforms around.

Open Beta for Everyone

The developers, RFLXT, are going straight to open beta, allowing everyone to try out the game and give feedback. This open approach aims to make the development process more transparent and involve the community directly.

Seamless Integration with Epic Games

RFLXT is also working on deep integration with Epic Games, allowing players to use a single account across both platforms. This means you can enjoy crossplay and seamless gameplay between the two.

Cardano Blockchain Integration

Chronoshot uses the Cardano blockchain for dynamic NFTs, which offer new leveling mechanisms for characters. These NFTs are accessible to all players, even those who don’t want to use blockchain technology. Importantly, these NFTs don’t give any competitive advantages, ensuring fair gameplay.

Early Access and Future Plans

The early access version of Chronoshot includes two single-player modes: Time Attack and Survival. Multiplayer mode is coming soon, and the developers are planning a full release by the end of 2024.

No Wallet Required, but Optional

You don’t need an external wallet to play Chronoshot, but you can connect one to your RFLXT account if you want. This makes the game accessible to both blockchain enthusiasts and traditional gamers.

Free to Play, Cosmetic Purchases

Chronoshot will remain free to play, with cosmetic items like skins available for purchase. These items don’t affect gameplay, so everyone can enjoy the game without having to spend money.