Bitcoin Bull Run: Not Over Yet, Says Ark Invest CEO

Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, is still bullish on Bitcoin, despite recent price dips. She believes the current bull market is only halfway through, and the price of Bitcoin could go parabolic in the future.

Why is Wood so confident?

Wood points to several factors that could drive Bitcoin’s price higher:

  • Institutional adoption: The recent introduction of Bitcoin Spot ETFs has sparked interest from major financial institutions. Wood predicts that these institutions will eventually add Bitcoin to their platforms, leading to a surge in adoption.
  • Bitcoin as an alternative to gold: Wood sees Bitcoin as a potential replacement for gold as a safe haven asset.
  • Bitcoin as an insurance policy: Bitcoin’s decentralized nature and resistance to inflation make it an attractive option for investors seeking to protect their wealth.

Bitcoin’s Potential: A $1 Million Future?

Wood remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s long-term potential, reiterating her prediction of a $1.5 million price per Bitcoin by 2030. She believes that Bitcoin could reach this level due to a combination of factors, including institutional adoption, its role as an alternative to gold, and its ability to act as an insurance policy.

While the current market may be experiencing some volatility, Wood’s confidence in Bitcoin’s future remains strong. She believes that the bull run is far from over and that Bitcoin’s price could continue to rise significantly in the years to come.