Bitcoin Dips: A Buying Opportunity for Whales

Whales Accumulate as Bitcoin Dips

Bitcoin has recently experienced a slight dip, but it hasn’t stopped “whales” (large investors) from accumulating more of the cryptocurrency.

Inflows into “accumulation addresses” (addresses with no outgoing transactions and balances over 10 BTC) have reached an all-time high of 25,300 BTC. These addresses are considered “Bitcoin Diamond Hands” due to their long-term bullishness.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Break Records

Spot Bitcoin ETFs (funds that track the price of Bitcoin) have also had a record-breaking day. These ETFs saw a combined trading volume of $2 billion, with significant contributions from VanEck, WisdomTree, and Bitwise.

VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF, in particular, experienced a 14x increase in daily average trades, indicating strong retail investor interest.


Despite the recent dip, Bitcoin remains attractive to long-term investors who see it as a store of value and a hedge against inflation. Whales are accumulating BTC, and Spot Bitcoin ETFs are gaining traction, suggesting that the cryptocurrency market is still bullish overall.