Bitcoin Correction Alert: Expert Predicts Potential 30% Drop

Bitcoin Correction on the Horizon

Crypto expert Cold Blooded Shiller warns that Bitcoin may be heading for a significant correction of up to 30%. Despite recent strength, the market’s volatility suggests a potential pullback.

Historical Precedents

Shiller notes that 30% pullbacks are common for Bitcoin historically. If this trend repeats, the price could drop to around $51,000.

Impact on Altcoins

Shiller predicts that altcoins could see a 50% decline if Bitcoin corrects.

Risk Management is Key

Shiller emphasizes the importance of risk management in a bull market. Investors should ensure they can withstand a 30% downside and continue buying opportunities.

Bitcoin Price Update

Bitcoin has continued to fall, dropping to $63,000 after a brief recovery. The asset has lost 5% in the past 24 hours, with a 10% decrease over the past week.

Market Outlook

Analysts expect Bitcoin to decline further before the Halving event in five days.