XRP’s Potential Rally: A CEO’s Perspective

Event That Could Spark a Surge

Matthew Dixon, CEO of Evai, believes a weaker consumer price index (CPI) report next week could trigger a significant rally for XRP. If inflation data comes in lower than expected, it suggests inflation is cooling off. This could lead the Fed to consider lowering interest rates, which is typically favorable for crypto assets like XRP.

Price Predictions

Dixon predicts XRP could rise to around $0.62 in a rally. Other analysts have made more bullish predictions:

  • Jonathan Carter: $1.68 based on technical analysis
  • Egrag Crypto: A new all-time high of $5.89

XRP’s Future Outlook

Egrag Crypto believes XRP will eventually experience a parabolic breakout. He points to two bullish and two bearish candles on the weekly charts since April 8th. A weekly close above $0.57 is bullish, while a close below $0.50 could be bearish.

Over 60% of participants in a poll conducted by Egrag believe XRP will not miss out on the current bull run.