XRP ETF: Potential Impacts and Price Predictions


Cryptocurrency analyst and game designer Chad Steingraber has analyzed the potential effects of an XRP Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on the value of XRP. He provided a detailed breakdown of how an XRP ETF approval could lead to a significant price increase for the cryptocurrency.

XRP ETF and Price Increase

Steingraber revisited a series of tweets from December 2023, highlighting the potential of an XRP ETF to boost the token’s price. He emphasized the intricate mechanisms behind this proposed surge.

According to Steingraber, public exchanges may become key repositories for XRP, holding a substantial volume and playing a crucial role in shaping the cryptocurrency’s market presence. Additionally, the ETF fund’s active participation in the market by buying XRP from the public could establish a direct connection between the ETF and the existing XRP supply. This would lock up the acquired XRP, reducing the circulating supply, increasing demand, and potentially triggering a price increase.

Two-Pronged Strategy for XRP ETF

Steingraber unveiled a two-pronged strategy for an XRP ETF to trigger a price increase, leveraging both utility and investment.

Utility: XRP collected through the ETF would be directed into an institutional liquidity hub, allowing investors to actively utilize XRP and potentially impacting its value.

Investment: An XRP ETF could drive investments, potentially influencing the cryptocurrency demand and increasing the token’s price.

Reasons for XRP’s Continued Price Declines

Steingraber also outlined the reasons behind XRP’s struggle to achieve significant gains for years. He identified the lack of new money entering the market as the primary factor influencing the absence of an upward movement in XRP’s price.

XRP Price Predictions for 2024 and Beyond

When asked about the likelihood of XRP’s price surging in 2024, Steingraber predicted that both this year and 2025 could witness a significant “blow-off top” for XRP. He affirmed that once the legal dispute between XRP and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is resolved, there’s a possibility of new money flowing into the XRP market, potentially leading to an increase in the value of the cryptocurrency.


Steingraber’s analysis provides insights into the potential impacts of an XRP ETF on the cryptocurrency’s value. While the projections are optimistic, it’s important to note that they remain speculative, as no official reports confirming the introduction of an XRP ETF have been issued.