XRP Could Hit $3.4, Expert Predicts

Bullish Outlook

Attorney Bill Morgan believes XRP can reach its all-time high of $3.4 this year, despite the ongoing SEC lawsuit. He argues that the recent court ruling has provided legal clarity for XRP, and that the market will react positively.

Prerequisites for Growth

Morgan identifies four prerequisites for XRP’s growth:

  • Legal clarity (achieved)
  • Conclusion of the SEC lawsuit
  • Listing on US exchanges (achieved)
  • Adoption in cross-border payments (pending)

Current Market Performance

XRP is currently trading at $0.6244, significantly underperforming other major cryptocurrencies. However, a surge to $3.4 would represent a 440% return for current investors.

Divergent Opinions

Some investors share Morgan’s optimism, while others remain cautious due to the potential for an SEC appeal.

Next Step

The first step towards a new all-time high for XRP would be to surpass $1.