Worldcoin Surges Despite Regulatory Challenges

Sam Altman’s Worldcoin (WLD) has emerged as a top-performing cryptocurrency amid regulatory scrutiny in Europe.

Regulatory Battle

Last week, Spain ordered Worldcoin to halt data collection after receiving complaints about privacy concerns. However, Worldcoin claims compliance with all laws and plans to take legal action against Spain.

Price Surge

Despite the regulatory challenges, WLD has surged in value. As of writing, it trades at $10.56, up 337% in the past month and 43% in the past 24 hours.

Fully Diluted Valuation

Worldcoin has a fully diluted valuation of over $105 billion, despite only a small fraction of its tokens being in circulation.

Vesting Schedule

Worldcoin has a 15-year vesting schedule, with tokens distributed to the community, investors, and the development team.

Previous Regulatory Challenges

In late 2022, Worldcoin faced similar challenges in Brazil, India, and France, leading to a 20% price drop at the time.