Whale Snags $178.9 Million in Ethereum in a Fortnight

A mysterious crypto whale has been on a buying spree, amassing over 64,000 Ethereum (ETH) worth $178.9 million in just 11 days.

Acquisition Spree

According to blockchain data, the whale began accumulating ETH on February 8th, initially acquiring 1,100 ETH. Days later, they added 9,959 ETH from Binance, followed by 21,353 ETH purchased with $60 million worth of USDT.

Whale’s Holdings

The whale currently holds a total of 74,383 ETH, valued at $217.57 million. Additionally, they own 5,491 Staked Ethereum (STETH) and $29.9 million worth of USDT, bringing their total crypto assets to over $263 million.

Livepeer Whale Sells

In contrast, a separate whale has been selling off Livepeer (LPT) tokens. The whale deposited 148,215 LPT to Binance for sale, having previously sold some LPT on MEXC. The whale’s total profit on LPT exceeds $3.5 million.