WEMIX Gaming Platform Soars 37% Ahead of Token Burn and Hard Fork

A blockchain platform focused on gaming, WEMIX, has surged by 37% this week. This surge comes despite a sideways crypto market and is driven by an upcoming hard fork and token burn.

Hard Fork and Tokenomics Overhaul

The “Brioche Hard Fork” is scheduled for July 1st and will introduce a revised minting rule. This will reduce the issuance of WEMIX tokens per block through 16 updates. This change aims to enhance the value and growth of WEMIX and marks the first step towards mutual growth with the community.


WEMIX will also unveil an enhanced WEMIX PLAY platform, where ecosystem performance will directly impact tokenomics. The goal is to ensure that revenue growth from expanding games directly influences the WEMIX ecosystem.

Token Burn

The WEMIX foundation plans to burn approximately 435 million WEMIX tokens held in reserve. This will decrease the available supply and transition WEMIX from a foundation-driven ecosystem to a community-driven one.

Despite Gains, Still Down from ATH

Despite this week’s gains, WEMIX remains more than 94% down from its all-time high of $24.71, which it hit in November 2021.