Wells Fargo Accused of Failing to Protect Customer After $81,000 Theft

A woman who discovered a massive sum of money missing from her Wells Fargo account has accused the bank of failing to protect its customers.

The Theft

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that thieves stole over $81,000 from her account through electronic transfers. Despite having only withdrawn money three times in the past five years, she was unaware of the theft until months later.

Lack of Alerts and Communication

The victim alleges that Wells Fargo failed to send her any suspicious activity alerts or notifications about the unauthorized transactions. She also claims that the bank did not alert her when someone opened a Citibank account in her name using her social security number.

Wells Fargo’s Response

Wells Fargo reportedly informed the victim that the funds were transferred to a Citibank account under her name. However, the victim insists that she never opened a Citi account and was not notified by Wells Fargo about the use of her personal information.

No Reimbursement

Both Wells Fargo and Citi have reportedly declined to reimburse the stolen funds. Wells Fargo has allegedly blamed the victim for not reporting the theft sooner, despite the lack of alerts.

Victim’s Reaction

The victim is now withdrawing all her money from Wells Fargo and has vowed to never trust a bank that “does not care for its customers.” She is also concerned that she may never recover any of her stolen funds.