Vitalik Buterin Warns of “Anarcho-Tyranny” in Crypto Regulations

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has raised concerns about the current regulatory landscape in the cryptocurrency industry, describing it as “anarcho-tyranny.”

Unfair Targeting of Transparent Founders

Buterin argues that regulators unfairly target founders who provide clear explanations of their business models. These founders are often accused of issuing unregistered “securities.”

Incentives for Vague Projects

In contrast, projects that offer vague promises or ask for money without clear value propositions are left untouched. This creates a perverse incentive for projects to avoid transparency.

Call for a Balanced Approach

Buterin believes that regulations should instead focus on projects that fail to provide clear long-term value propositions. By doing so, it would encourage transparency and protect investors.

Buterin’s Support for Tornado Cash Developers

Buterin has recently donated to the legal defense fund of Tornado Cash developers Alexey Pertsev and Roman Storm. Tornado Cash is a cryptocurrency mixing service that has been sanctioned by the US for allegedly facilitating money laundering.


Opinions expressed in this article are not investment advice. Investors should conduct thorough research before making any investments in cryptocurrency.