VanEck’s NFT Marketplace and Crypto Platform: SegMint

Simplifying Digital Asset Management

VanEck, a leading asset manager, has expanded its presence in the crypto industry with the launch of SegMint, an NFT marketplace and digital asset platform.

SegMint’s key feature is the “Lock & Key Model,” which aims to make it easier to manage self-custodied assets. This model allows users to securely share ownership and access to their assets while maintaining control.

“Democratizing” Digital Asset Management

As more people choose to self-custody their digital assets, there is a growing need for ways to share ownership and access securely. SegMint’s Lock & Key Model addresses this issue by providing a user-friendly solution.

The platform initially targets crypto-native users, including NFT collectors and tokenized asset owners. However, it aims to streamline the user experience and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

SegMint Platform Features

SegMint offers several features to enhance the digital asset management experience:

  • SegMint Safes: Custom multi-signature wallet solution for increased security.
  • NFT Minting: Integration with MINTangible’s IP protection toolkit allows creators to set terms of use for their collections.
  • Free of Charge: These features are available to users free of charge.

Global Reach

SegMint is expected to generate interest primarily in Europe and Asia. VanEck is committed to expanding its global reach and making SegMint accessible to users worldwide.


VanEck’s entry into the NFT market with SegMint is a significant development in the digital asset ecosystem. The Lock & Key Model simplifies the process of sharing ownership and access, making it more accessible and secure for users. As digital asset management becomes more widespread, SegMint is well-positioned to play a key role in its adoption across various industries.