Upcoming Elections and Stimulus Packages: A Positive Outlook for Crypto, Says Raoul Pal

Elections and Stimulus

Former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal believes that the upcoming elections and stimulus packages in the US and around the world will have a positive impact on the crypto industry. Pal explained that politicians tend to distribute stimulus packages during elections, leading to higher inflation and increased prices for digital assets.

China, Europe, and the US

Pal cited the economic challenges faced by China, Europe, and the US as reasons for potential stimulus measures. He believes that these regions will likely implement further stimulus to promote economic growth and offset rising interest costs.

Debasement of Fiat Currency

Pal emphasized that the debasement of fiat currency through inflation is akin to hidden taxation, reducing the purchasing power of investors. He pointed out that asset prices have been rising by an average of 15% annually since 2008, eroding the value of cash holdings.

Liquidity and Crypto

Pal highlighted the significance of liquidity in driving markets, stating that the abundance of liquidity resulting from stimulus packages creates a favorable environment for cryptocurrencies. He believes that crypto assets benefit from this liquidity, as investors seek alternative investments to hedge against inflation and preserve their purchasing power.


Raoul Pal’s analysis suggests that the upcoming elections and stimulus packages could have a positive impact on the crypto industry. He emphasizes the role of liquidity in driving markets and views crypto assets as potential beneficiaries of this liquidity. Pal also highlights the importance of being aware of the hidden taxation effects of inflation and the need for investors to protect their purchasing power.