Ubisoft Embraces Blockchain Gaming with XPLA

Ubisoft Joins XPLA as Validator

Ubisoft, a renowned video game company, has become a node validator in the XPLA blockchain ecosystem. This move reflects Ubisoft’s commitment to exploring blockchain technology through its Strategic Innovation Lab.

XPLA is a Layer 1 blockchain designed for digital media content, with a focus on “Explore and Play.” Ubisoft’s participation as a validator is expected to bring synergies and strengthen the validation process.

Benefits of the Partnership

Ubisoft will actively participate in governance decisions to enhance the XPLA network. Its expertise in video game development will contribute to the growth of blockchain networks and the Web3 gaming sector.

XPLA’s team lead, Paul Kim, expressed excitement about Ubisoft’s involvement, emphasizing their shared goal of creating a more transparent and trustworthy Web3 ecosystem.

Future Prospects

The XPLA team anticipates the involvement of more validators, which will increase the network’s security and stability. They believe that the addition of Ubisoft is a significant step forward for the ecosystem.

The gaming industry is expected to play a major role in the growth of XPLA, particularly in X2E (explore-to-exchange) services. The ecosystem already includes titles such as The Walking Dead: All-Stars and Summoners War: Chronicles.