The Truth About Economics: Why Bitcoin Is a Game-Changer

Economists Are Often Wrong

Despite being presented as experts, economists have repeatedly made inaccurate predictions. For example, they claimed inflation was “transitory” and dismissed concerns about government spending leading to inflation.

The Failure of Keynesian Economics

Keynesian economics, once widely taught, has proven to be flawed. It suggests that government spending can stimulate economic growth, but it often leads to inflation and debt accumulation.

The Need for Sound Money

Sound money, like gold, holds its value over time. The US dollar, however, is not backed by gold and is instead based on the government’s “full faith and credit.”

Bitcoin: A New Paradigm

Bitcoin emerged as a response to the failures of fiat currencies and credit-based systems. It is a decentralized, digital currency that is not subject to inflation or government control.

Bitcoin as Energy

Economists traditionally view money as a medium of exchange and store of value. However, Bitcoin can also be seen as a form of energy, representing the effort put into earning and storing it.

Bitcoin’s Promise

Bitcoin offers hope for a future with more freedom, sovereignty, and integrity. It removes the deception associated with fiat currencies and opens up new possibilities for economic growth.