Terra Classic Revival: Upgrade Proposal Sparks Hope for LUNC and USTC

Upgrade Proposal

The Terra Classic community has proposed a major upgrade to revitalize the network. The upgrade will introduce:

  • IBC-Hooks and Package Forward Middleware (PFM) for improved dApp integration
  • End-to-End (E2E) and Interchain Testing Suite for enhanced testing
  • Security bug fixes to protect the network

Community Support

The community has recently approved several proposals aimed at improving the Terra Classic ecosystem. The latest upgrade proposal has received significant support, indicating a desire for growth and innovation.

Price Surge

Following the announcement of the upgrade proposal, LUNC and USTC prices have surged:

  • LUNC: 8.62% increase to $0.00019
  • USTC: Slight increase, currently trading at $0.037

Potential Rally

With the upgrade proposal expected to be approved, LUNC and USTC prices are poised to rally. They could potentially break resistance levels and reach the $1 price mark.