Solo Ethereum Whale Claims Stake in Starknet Airdrop

Running a Validator Empire

A single Ethereum whale, known as ‘Sullendef,’ has claimed ownership of 1000 validators on the Starknet network. These validators are worth an estimated $100 million in Ethereum.

Misidentified as an Exchange

Initially, Sullendef’s validators were mistakenly identified as belonging to a cryptocurrency exchange. This raised concerns about the whale’s eligibility for the upcoming Starknet airdrop.

Frustrated Staker

Sullendef has expressed frustration over a message he received while trying to set up a withdrawal address for his airdrop rewards. He fears that his rewards may be misdirected due to the misidentification.

Massive Airdrop Reward

Starknet is planning to distribute over 700 million STRK tokens to eligible addresses. Sullendef is one of the stakers who will receive a significant portion of this airdrop.

Starknet Foundation Responds

The Starknet Foundation has acknowledged Sullendef’s claim and is investigating the situation. They have assured him that he is eligible for over a million STRK tokens.

Proof of Stake Rewards

Starknet is rewarding Ethereum stakers who participated in staking before the Proof of Stake merge. Approximately 22% of the total STRK allocation will be distributed to these stakers.

Whale’s Fate

It remains to be seen whether the whale will receive the full compensation he is entitled to. The Starknet Foundation is working to resolve the issue and prevent any misdirection of airdrop rewards.