Shiba Inu: Could This Doggy Coin Be About to Go to the Moon?

A crypto analyst named Abmoon thinks Shiba Inu (SHIB) could be about to go on a wild ride. He’s predicting that the price could skyrocket to as high as $0.000165 in the next few years!

Abmoon’s Predictions

Abmoon has set six different price targets for SHIB, ranging from a modest 163% increase to a whopping 1,487% jump. He’s even more bullish on the long-term potential, saying that it could take years for some of these targets to be reached.

Here’s a quick rundown of his predictions:

  • Target 1: A 163% increase, reaching between $0.0000755 and $0.00001018.
  • Target 2:
    A 272% increase, reaching between $0.00003778 and $0.0000399.
  • Target 3: A 545% increase, reaching between $0.000065 and $0.00006773.
  • Target 4: A 1,126% increase, reaching between $0.000124 and $0.00013.
  • Target 5: A 1,487% increase, reaching between $0.0001606 and $0.000165.

Abmoon says he’s already seen SHIB hit his first target, but he’s holding onto his coins because he believes there’s even more growth to come.

More Meme Coin Mania?

Another crypto analyst, Andrew Kang, has said that a bunch of meme coins are poised to hit new all-time highs. While he didn’t specifically mention Shiba Inu, it’s definitely a contender, being the second-largest meme coin out there.

Even though the price has dropped recently, Shiba Inu still has a lot of trading activity, which shows that people are still interested. Kang thinks that out of all the meme coins out there, only a select few will actually make it to the top.

So, could Shiba Inu be one of those lucky few? Only time will tell!