SEC Chief: Most Cryptocurrencies Are Securities, Investors Need More Info

SEC’s Concerns

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair, Gary Gensler, believes that many crypto assets are actually securities. He argues that investors are not receiving the necessary information about these assets.

Robinhood’s Woes

The SEC recently sent a warning to Robinhood’s crypto division, indicating plans for legal action. Gensler declined to comment on specific companies but emphasized that a large portion of the crypto industry is not complying with securities laws.

Protecting Investors

Gensler’s primary concern is protecting American investors. He believes they are not getting the disclosures they need about crypto assets. He also criticized intermediaries in the crypto market for potential conflicts of interest.

Ethereum’s Status Unclear

Gensler avoided answering a question about Ethereum’s classification as a commodity or security. Instead, he focused on the broader issue of investor protection.


The SEC is sending a clear message that it views many cryptocurrencies as securities and that investors need more information. This has raised concerns among crypto industry leaders, who argue that the SEC’s actions are stifling innovation.